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Getting Back to the New Normal

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Staying committed to safe, effective dental and aesthetic care.

Weeks into state and local shut down in response to COVID-19 pandemic, many people have had to postpone their routine dental treatment, cosmetic procedures and aesthetic therapy.

The question for many is “When is it safe to schedule an appointment?”

The answer may come as a surprise, but yet reassure you. During these difficult times many healthcare providers were offering urgent care in their community, and were practicing safety precautions. There’s nothing new to taking safety precautions in healthcare, it’s a standard of practice.

As people are currently practicing social/physical distancing, taking extra hygiene care, and prefer to limit number of people they are being exposed to, here’s what Duo Dental & Laser Spa experience will offer.

• Please use your judgment when making an appointment. If you are experiencing fever, body aches, chest pain, nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, cough or any other COVID-19 related symptoms, please contact your primary care physician for future testing and evaluation.

• Upon entering our practice you must wear a mask. Masks can and should be taken off upon being seated in a dental operatory.

• No family members or friends are allowed in the waiting room, as we are very strict about limited number of people in the office. Please come in alone for your appointment, unless you’re a parent/guardian of a child.

• Hand sanitizers are available for your use at our practice. We do not dispense mask or gloves to patients, as we reserve them for the continuous use of staff members only.

• Patient health and safety has always been our priority. Our sterilization and disinfection protocol is up to date with OSHA and CDC guidelines.

• We have partnered with Advanced Cleaning & Disinfecting company, that is utilizing a revolutionary electrostatic technology, in order to provide additional disinfection to kill bacteria and viruses from all surfaces. This is done bi-weekly, allowing a 360-degree of deep cleaning and disinfection, to eliminate cross-contamination.

• We have a nearly 2000 square foot facility with 7 spacious, modern operatories. Including Dr. Vinson, we only have 3-4 people working in the office, depending on the day of the week.

• It is a standard practice for us to wear PPE.

• It is regular practice that Dr. Vinson can only see one patient at a time. The same goes for our hygienist Agnessa Vinson. Patients are seen by appointment only. When it comes to providing dental care, the average distance between our operatories is 10 ft. As many of you know that Dr. Vinson and Agnessa, on average are practicing nearly 20 ft apart.

• When it comes to providing aesthetic treatments such as Botox, fillers, once again Dr. Vinson can only see one patient at a time.

• As far as getting laser hair reduction, HydraFacia, SculpSure body contouring, Morpheus 8 microneedling with radio frequency procedures, each patient is in a private room with Agnessa, our laser specialist and cosmetologist.

• Many of you have rendered services with our long-standing, superb, medical esthetician Karmina. She practices under the same guidelines as well.

• Our receptionist Elizabeth has been in a medical field for over 15 years, and also a Registered Medical Assistant.

All employees at Duo Dental & Laser Spa are licensed healthcare providers.

So as you can see Duo Dental & Laser Spa together with Karmina Beauty Clinic, has been always practicing under strict rules of infection control, physical distancing and limited number of people in the practice, 5-8 people, including staff. And we will continue to practice in the same manner.

At this time we ask our patients to stay safe and healthy, together with your loved ones. Please feel free to reach out by calling or texting

☎️ 718-261-4747

Dr. Oleg Vinson and staff

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