Reduce Signs of Aging and Other Skin Flaws with Morpheus8

You can’t replace your skin with a more youthful model, but you can brighten and tighten it with Morpheus8. Learn how the energy-based treatment diminishes signs of aging on your face and body.

Do you dream of face-lifts, neck lifts, or tummy tucks that reduce sagging and wrinkles? Many people take issue with signs of aging skin but aren’t willing to undergo surgery to make those features less apparent. Thanks to cutting-edge technology in aesthetic medicine, surgery is no longer necessary to make your skin look younger and healthier.  

Morpheus8 is among several elite technologies that can tighten, brighten, and otherwise restore your skin. In the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, New York, Duo Dental and Laser Spa, led by Oleg Vinson, DDS, offers minimally invasive Morpheus8 treatments to revitalize the skin on your face and body. With a trained eye and careful hand, licensed cosmetologist and certified laser specialist Agnessa Vinson, RDH, CLS, treats your most evident signs of aging using this microneedling treatment.  

A new level of microneedling

You might be familiar with microneedling already. It’s a common procedure people use to make their skin appear more youthful. It takes advantage of your skin’s innate healing abilities by creating tiny injuries your skin must heal itself. Part of that healing process is the growth of new strengthening collagen fibers, which is why microneedling is also dubbed “collagen induction therapy.” 

While Morpheus8 involves microneedling, this procedure goes beyond conventional microneedling using another valuable mechanism. The Morpheus8 system emits radiofrequency through the needles — deep into your tissues. Radiofrequency is a gentle type of energy that won’t damage your skin. By warming up your deep tissues, it stimulates more collagen than microneedling alone can produce.  

Results that last

The factors that cause your skin to age in the first place don’t just go away after you undergo a few treatments with Morpheus8. However, you can make your results last by protecting your skin from the sun, staying hydrated, and avoiding smoking at all costs (even secondhand). 

You’ll be impressed with the way Morpheus8 makes your skin radiant and smooth. As your skin heals from Morpheus8 radiofrequency microneedling, the following features shrink or disappear entirely:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Large, visible pores
  • Acne scars
  • Scars from injuries or surgery
  • Stretchmarks
  • Cellulite
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots

During an initial consultation at our office with Agnessa, you can identify the areas of skin you want to target with Morpheus8. There’s no limit: You can treat a single scar, your face, or your entire body.  

Patience matters

Morpheus8 doesn’t produce immediate results, but the transformation is worth the wait. You can expect to undergo multiple treatment sessions — usually 3-4 treatments booked 1-2 months apart. It takes 3-6 months to see the final result as your skin needs time to heal and grow more collagen.  

Your results last about a year, but you can continue treatment with touch-up sessions once a year after that. You can safely use radiofrequency microneedling alongside other treatments, like Sculpsure®, regardless of your skin tone or type.  

To get started on Morpheus8 skin renewal, call Duo Dental and Laser Spa or schedule an appointment online today.

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