The Top 3 Reasons Men and Women Are Choosing SculpSure®

When fat refuses to go away, even with a healthy change of habits, turn to SculpSure®. Learn about what draws people to this treatment and why you should give it a try.

With a global market size of 7.8 billion dollars, there’s no denying that body contouring is highly sought-after by people who want a little more confidence in the way they look. Noninvasive body contouring procedures let you reduce fat in specific “problem areas,” such as your belly, flanks, thighs, or chin. They damage the fat cells so that your lymphatic system can later flush them out naturally, leaving you with natural-looking results and no scars.  

SculpSure® is one of these procedures, and it’s available to you at Duo Laser Spa in Queens, New York. Dentist and aesthetic specialist Oleg Vinson, DDS, plans and executes your treatment with care, targeting the areas of your choice with multiple 25-minute treatment sessions to minimize extra fat. As long as you’re at or near your ideal weight when starting treatment, you can see distinct results and reduce up to 24% of the fat in the areas you target.  

So, in terms of fat-reduction treatments, what makes SculpSure special? Consider these top three reasons why men and women choose SculpSure for their body sculpting needs: 

1. It’s noninvasive

There’s no shortage of surgeries that get rid of fat and extra skin. Think tummy tucks and mommy makeovers. While surgery can offer dramatic body contouring results, it’s out of the question for many people because of the risks and complexities. 

With SculpSure, you don’t need to worry about going under anesthesia, experiencing a long recovery period, or seeing scars on the treated areas for the rest of your life (even if they’re easy to hide).  

SculpSure targets fat cells beneath your skin without the use of any incisions or even injections. The treatment treats fat cells with light-based technology, which heats the cells without harming your skin. Plus, there’s no recovery period: You’re free to continue your day as usual as soon as you leave our office.  

2. Results are permanent

That’s right! The fat you treat with SculpSure is gone for good. Your lymphatic system removes the damaged fat cells as waste products so they never return.  

Of course, it’s still possible to gain more weight in the future, which can conceal your SculpSure contouring results. However, as long as you commit to a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen, you can enjoy your sleeker, trimmer body indefinitely.  

Our team also recommends minimizing stress and getting plenty of sleep to keep your health intact and avoid unnecessary weight gain.  

3. Treatments are pain-free

You’ll be surprised by how tolerable SculpSure treatments are — considering their remarkable results. One might expect mild pain from an aesthetic procedure, but with SculpSure, that isn’t the case. Instead, many people report gentle warmth or a tingling sensation during SculpSure treatments.  

Thanks to the device’s built-in cooling system, you won’t overheat or burn during your procedure. You also won’t feel any post-procedure discomfort, and you shouldn’t experience any bruising.  

Are you looking to get a little leaner? Contact us at Duo Laser Spa today by phone or book a consultation for SculpSure online today. 

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