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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment services offered in the greater Forest Hills, NY area

If you struggle with acne and desire clear skin without harsh medications or invasive procedures, see the experts at Duo Dental Spa in the Queens Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, New York City, New York. The team offers acne treatments to eliminate pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and acne scarring. Call the office to schedule an evaluation, or use the online booking tab today.

Acne Treatment Q&A

What is acne?

Acne is a common skin concern, especially among teenagers, in which clogged pores cause irritated or raised bumps on affected tissues. Examples of forms of acne include pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. 


When left untreated, acne can diminish the look of beautiful skin and cause scarring. See the Duo Dental Spa experts if you struggle with bothersome acne.

What is holistic acne treatment?

Holistic acne treatment uses natural methods to clear up unsightly blemishes without invasive treatments or harsh medications that produce side effects. 


The Duo Dental Spa experts are highly trained in various acne treatments and tailor each treatment to your needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

Who benefits from holistic acne treatment?

Acne treatment benefits people with acne or at risk of developing it. Common acne risk factors include:


  • Teenagers
  • Pregnant women
  • Middle-aged women
  • Family history of acne
  • Ongoing stress
  • Eating certain foods
  • Taking certain medicines 
  • Using greasy or oily substances
  • Excess oil production 
  • Inflammation
  • Bacteria
  • Clogged hair follicles 


Anyone with acne who desires clearer skin is a candidate for holistic acne treatment at Duo Dental Spa.

Which acne treatments are available?

Duo Dental Spa offers an array of acne solutions, including:

Lifestyle changes

Keeping your skin clean and avoiding greasy and oily cosmetic products help reduce your risk of acne. 

Nutrition counseling

The Skintuitive MedSpa specialists provide nutrition counseling to educate you about which foods to consume (and not to eat) to reduce acne.


Extraction is a natural way to eliminate the contents of pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads to clear up acne-prone skin.


HydraFacial can also help with current acne breakouts and reduce acne breakouts within the first few treatments. The treatment uses antioxidants, peptides, and essential oils to kill bacteria that cause acne while reducing inflammation.

Chemical peels

Chemical solutions applied to the treatment area can reduce mild acne without invasive procedures or harsh medicines.

Light therapy

Light therapy uses light energy to clear up acne, scarring, and other imperfections. 

Fibroblast plasma pen technology 

Fibroblast plasma pen technology uses noninvasive plasma energy to achieve cell regeneration, tighter skin, and acne reduction. 

Lymphatic drainage detox

Lymphatic drainage detox helps rid the body of toxins using massage, nutrition education, skin care, and other natural methods. This is the only doctor-designed acne program on the market that treats acne by balancing the body from the inside out and addressing its underlying causes. 


The skilled experts can also show you how to overcome these root causes with simple, natural strategies, acne treatments, and permanent acne solutions. These solutions are empowering and affordable.


Schedule an appointment at Duo Dental Spa by phone or online today to take advantage of acne treatments.

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